Built on love and hope, our foundation strives to provide recognition for families in regional areas while helping them to access oncology trials and facilities previously only available in metropolitan centres.

We have a goal of raising $380,000 for our first full time position of a community based childhood cancer nurse.
This amount will guarantee their wages for three years and ideally cover three regional health service districts.





Triple M Townsville Official Media Sponsor of The Golden Octopus Foundation


The Golden Octopus Foundation's objectives are to improve oncology facilities in all regional areas, including the implementation of childhood cancer nurses. This will alleviate long stays away from families and friends.
Wherever possible the foundation will offer support to families, with our long term objective being to assist families in accessing trials which may not have been possible previously.
We will work closely with other childhood cancer research charities to enable this to happen.
The Golden Octopus Foundation Committee is formed by a group of educated and experienced men and women who are parents, relatives or friends of children affected by cancer.
Initially the Golden Octopus Foundation will encompass all areas of Queensland, but as it grows so will its coverage of other states in Australia.

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Your story touched our heart Keely – We agree no child should know Cancer – Hope this helps to reach your million Keely !

Gaye Whaetley

Hi Keely, I hope you keep well and I hope God blesses you. Keep fighting on for yourself and kids with cancer! I have had two brain tumours and have been on grown hormone injections for many years in the past.

Bradley Parratt

I was touched after seeing your story on Inside Story tonight. As a father of two small children, I dont know how I would handle things if they fell ill. Your positive attitude and commitment to your cause is inspirational.
I hope this donation sees you closer to your goal.

Andrew Small

What a wonderful charity! I only wish I could give more.


Hey keeley,
Saw you on TV last night , beautiful girl inside & out a, a truly inspirational young lady had myself & my husband in tears . Know you’ll get that $1,000,000 your hoping for . Keep strong sweetie we are all behind you .
Sending love & hugs .
The Martin family 😘😘

JoJo Martin

Keely is one of the most inspiring people I have had the benefit of seeing ( television program )
It would appear that these children who are suffering so much are given extra strength and determination ( maybe by some spiritual force ) God bless all of you .

John Evans

Hoping the foundation reaches it goal of one million dollars in 2016

Julie Barton

Saw Keely tonight in Inside Story. Such an inspirational young lady. I wish her well and hope everyone that saw the story donates and helps her reach her target. Stay strong Keely.


Saw the Channel 9 show tonight & wow, Keely you are such an inspiration. I’ve immediately made a donation as this is a Charity all Australians should support & hold close to their hearts.
Hopefully you’ll have +$1 million in donations by tomorrow.

Will now do this as a regular Donation, well done Keely, you a great singer & a great person !

Greg Sorrell

Just watched you on Inside Story, Jake is 10yrs old and a massive Lee fan too. Oh and he loves your ute and thinks your bull bar is awsome. Keep up the great work Keely you are a bludy legend!!

Jake Sanders