Kyra and Keely’s dream performance

We wanted to shed light on an amazing young girl named Kyra. Stories like Kyra’s are at the core of why The Golden Octopus Foundation exists.

In 2017, we got a call that a young cancer patient named Kyra absolutely idolised Keely and wanted to use her Make-a-Wish Australia wish to meet her. Keely, in her modest nature, couldn’t believe that there was a little girl out there who so badly wanted to meet her. The Golden Octopus Foundation decided that Keely just had to meet this young girl who was fighting cancer.

So, Keely flew to meet Kyra in Perth and the smile on Kyra’s face reminded Keely why her work is so important.

Keely, who is a cancer patient herself, says, “Knowing I have to be brave for the kids and knowing that they are looking up to me really keeps me going. It is so special to see the smiles on their faces after everything they have been through.”

Kyra and Keely sang ‘Turn This To Gold’ at a local park and then again at Princess Margaret hospital to children in the oncology ward. It truly was a heart-warming performance.

“Kyra is so beautiful. She couldn’t stop smiling the whole time I was there. She is just so brave and tough,” says Keely.

Kyra, now 12 years-old, is in remission and was even elected to be one of the Student Business Leaders in her class and loving it.

We are so proud of Kyra and wish her all the strength in the world.

Keely and Amanda’s incredible musical tour

We are so excited to announce that Keely and South East Queensland artist, Amanda Faulkner are going on tour, covering 16 towns in 3 weeks!

On the 30th of March, Keely launched her debut album, “Fierce” (that she’ll be singing on tour) at the Cowboys’ home game.

Keely will be donating $2 from every album sale to The Golden Octopus Foundation while Amanda will be donating $2 to Drought Angels for every sale of her album, “Bushkid”. The ladies want to spread awareness for those in need through the power of music.

The farmers affected by droughts and floods will be allowed free entry to all shows as music can often be healing for those who have been struggling.

The Blue Heeler Hotel in Kynuna is the smallest of all the tour’s venues but has turned out to be the biggest show of all, with a lot of support coming from the local community.

The pub is at the centre of some of the worst hit farms from the recent floods and Keely is hoping to bring some much needed smiles to the farmers’ faces.

What’s even better is that the member for Gregory Lachlan Miller has decided he will send a pallet of beer on the night of the concert for the farmers, after he saw a recent poster of Keely’s upcoming performance. Chrissy and Paul, the venue managers, have also decided to run a Graziers night and personally invite every farmer from every property in the district.

This particular venue is also incredibly special to Keely as her song ‘‘Cowboys And Angels” is actually written about the pub.

We are sure that Amanda and Keely’s concerts will go incredibly well, raise much needed funds for those in need and most of all will bring smiles to many faces.