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Keely and Lee Kernaghan
Keely and Lee Kernaghan

Hi my name is Keely Johnson and I would love to welcome you to the Golden Octopus family. Throughout my journey with childhood cancer I have had plenty of time to think about the things in life I would love to help and make a difference to.
After seeing many children suffering and losing their battles with cancer I thought I would like to stop this and help make a difference. The idea of a Golden Octopus came to me as there needs to be a charity that covers all childhood cancers. There are 8 groups of childhood cancers and the octopus has 8 arms. Gold is the color of childhood cancer.
OLLEE is his name it was voted on by lots of random people but we made the spelling to include Lee as our wonderful ambassador is Lee Kernaghan.
Lee is one of the best examples of a wonderful Australian any child could want to look up to.
He was awarded Australian of the Year in 2008 and his whole life he helps everyone from the farmers to the soldiers and now is going to help the kids as well.
Our foundation will be built on love, fun and hope. We will help the families, raise money to help with research and access to trials that children may never get, we will strive to get better facilities in the regional areas to stop families having to come to the major centres as much.
We will laugh and cry together, we will fight for a cure but most of all we will put all the arms of our octopus around each and every one of you.

Xx Love KeelyFounder of The Golden Octopus Foundation 2015.

Our Committee

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Cathy Johnson – Chair
Jamie McKinnon – Vice Chair
Teresa McKinnon – Treasurer
Natalie Marwood – National Secretary
Keely Johnson – Public Relations and Media Representative
Tennille Lovelock – Fundraising Co-Ordinator, Mt Isa
Doris Wool – Fundraising Co-Ordinator,North Queensland
Hannah Brady – Fundraising Co-Ordinator North QLD
Catherine Harper – Fundraising Co-Ordinator North QLD
Kate Stockman – Fundraising Co-Ordinator Far North QLD
Maddi Stockman – Fundraising Co-Ordinator Far North QLD
Shannon Saunders – Corporate Sponsorship State Wide