Olivia Zone for Mum, Dad, Families and Friends of Children with Childhood Cancer

Helpful links, tips and inspirational quotes for family and friends of children with childhood cancer!

We know that a new diagnosis is overwhelming and hope that these links and tips will bring some comfort and support.

Meet Olivia Octopus

Olivia is the newest mascot to the Golden Octopus Foundation and she is wrapping her little arms, all 8 of them, around lots of little girls all over Australia who are navigating their way through childhood cancer. You can purchase an Olivia or you can gift an Olivia to a little child who really needs a hug.

Love Robby xxxx

Olivia's Help and Support

Helpful Links for New Diagnosis

Wonderful organisations that are also out there to offer assistance.

Inspirational Quotes

Inspiring quotes to help you get through each day and night.

Tips to Help YOu Cope

Insightful tips to help your child, you, family and friends.

Ways to Bring Joy

Wonderful tips to help you bring joy and happiness into your life.

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