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For many children with cancer and other chronic conditions, hospital becomes a second home.
We’d love to brighten up every room in every children’s ward across the nation with Olivia’s happy face and you can help us do it!
Send our latest little mascot Olivia to a child in need of a cuddly friend.


Olivia wants to help her friend Ollee with his important job and you can help her do that by purchasing and donating one of our soft and squishy OLIVIA plushies to a child in need of a big, snuggly hug.
Measuring 20cm tall including her hat she is the perfect size for children.
Olivia’s happy face and pretty pink accessories are sure to bring joy to everyone who sees her and your generous donation will brighten the lives of those touched by childhood cancer.
All proceeds from purchases go directly to The Golden Octopus Foundation and help benefit families of children living with childhood cancer.

Weight.5 kg
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 cm
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