Welcome to the Golden Octopus Family

The Golden Octopus Foundation helps families touched by childhood cancer

Who We Are

Hi, my name is Keely Johnson and I would love to welcome you to the Golden Octopus family.

Throughout my journey with childhood cancer, I have had plenty of time to think about the things in life I would love to help and make a difference to. After seeing many children suffering and losing their battles with cancer, I thought I would like to stop this and help make a difference. The idea of a Golden Octopus came to me as there needs to be a charity that covers all childhood cancers. There are 8 main groups of childhood cancers. The octopus has 8 arms and gold is the colour of childhood cancer.


OLLEE was chosen for his name. The name Ollie was voted on by lots of people but we chose to make the spelling OLLEE to include Lee, as our wonderful ambassador is Lee Kernaghan.


Lee is one of the best examples of a wonderful Australian any child could want to look up to. He was awarded Australian of the Year in 2008 and for his whole life, he has helped everyone from the farmers to soldiers and now is helping the kids as well.


Our foundation is built on love, fun and hope. We help the families and raise money to help ease the journey they travel.


We will laugh and cry together, we will fight for a cure but most of all, we will put all the arms of our octopus around each and every one of you.

Xx Love Keely – Founder of The Golden Octopus Foundation

Keely Johnson Founder of Golden Octopus Foundation

Keely Johnson

Lee Kernaghan Ambassador of Golden Octopus Foundation

Lee Kernaghan

Our Board of Directors

We also have a separate working sub-committee which meets monthly.

Keely Johnson Director Golden Octopus Foundation

Keely Johnson

Governing Director

Cathy Johnson Director Golden Octopus Foundation

Cathy Johnson


Steve Price Director Golden Octopus Foundation

Steve Price


Golden Octopus Foundation director Catherine Harper

Catherine Harper


Hayden Jones Director Golden Octopus Foundation

Hayden Jones


Lee Kernaghan Golden Octopus Foundation Embassador

Lee Kernaghan

Robby X Golden Octopus Foundation Embassador

Robby Kernaghan

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